I’ve been a professional makeup artist for about 13 yrs now and LOVE LOVE LOVE what I do!! I am truly grateful to have found my little niche in life :o) While this cosmetics line is my primary focus, I still make time to do freelance work. Send me a message if you have an upcoming event and in need of a makeup artist … I am in the process of adding a page on this site with my rates as well as some examples of my work. Email: angela@angeliquedeville.com

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments! I’m always more than happy to share my knowledge … whether it pertains to makeup, men, cars, cats, spiders, tequila, whatever!! :o) I really enjoy hearing about your personal beauty secrets and advice as well!! For example, try adding a little baby powder to your hair when it’s got a nice oil slick going on, but you just don’t feel like showering. Use Pledge or wet wipes to clean up your shoes and hand bags and Visine is the best way to take the redness out of a pimple … And if you use … Oh, I can’t give away all the secrets just yet!! I will be updating my ‘beauty’ blog often (click on the link below) and that is where you can find all the latest tips, tricks, secrets, shortcuts, stories, etc. So, check back often and be sure to sign up for our mailing list.


Thanks for visiting my website and I really hope you enjoy the products!! Make sure you sign the guestbook before you go :o)





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