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As promised, here are some quick and easy beauty secrets and solutions for some common and annoying issues facing the modern day diva / goddess. These are secrets that I have added to my arsenal over the years. Please feel free to share your beauty secrets or if you want advice on something not covered here … leave a comment below.

#1 Razor Burn … How many times have you tried to sport your new sexy bikini or lingerie, only to find that you have a hot mess around your hoohaa … it’s just not pretty!
In a photo shoot, at least the photographer can bring in the Photo Shop! Lol! There is the option of laser hair removal,but it is timely and costly. So, here is a remedy for the rest of us … Use a sharp, clean razor every time you shave. Cheap razors (or the generic brands) are no good, unless you want to look like you got stuck in barbed wire. Use conditioner instead of shave creams or soaps. After showering, dry off,moisturize and apply deodorant to the bikini line and areas typically affected by razor burn. Any deodorant will do,but I’ve had the best luck with regular solids, as clear gel formulas tend to have more alcohol and sting. This is a tried and true trick of strippers and entertainers abroad. It works!

#2 Pimples with a pulse … I have experienced some bad breakouts in my life!! Acne sucks and it really creates a vicious cycle, as we try to cover it by caking on concealer,which then causes the skin to produce more oil, inhibits proper healing and clogs more pores, producing blemish offspring. Acne is caused by many different things and sometimes it is just a hormonal event that can last anywhere from a few days to a few years. When I was around 17, I often wondered if my skin would ever clear up!! I went to dermatologists, cosmetics counters, bought books on beauty secrets, etc, but nothing helped. I was so self conscious about my skin. The thought of my makeup coming off in public, caused me soooo much anxiety. Finally, after a year or two it went away …THANKFULLY :o) I think I have heard just about every so-called cure, but it all depends on who you ask and what they are trying to sell. Here is the deal (and a lot of this is advice for maintaining healthy skin as well) … Blemish prone skin is quite often sensitive skin (or we turn it into sensitive skin by all the shit that we slather on to fix it …lol). Stay away from any cleansers with acids or harsh detergents. A fragrance free foaming gel cleanser works best (MAC Green Gel Cleanser has always been a fav, as well as Neutrogena fragrance free gel cleanser for normal / sensitive skin). Avoid products designed for “oily” or “acne prone” skin, as they are often too harsh and do more harm than good. NEVER EVER use toners or astringents!! BAD!! NO!! These are unnecessary and if you feel that you must have something to put on your skin after cleansing, fill a small spray bottle with distilled water and sea salt (or if you live near the beach, just fill it with ocean water). I do recommend using a lightweight fragrance free lotion, but I know how scary word (lotion / moisturizer) is for anyone with acne issues. Now, here is the hard part … just as it applies to most “bad entities” in existence … ex boyfriends, paparazzi, backstabbing bitches, etc … The best M.O. for getting rid of a bad breakout or blemish is to IGNORE THEM!! By giving that ugly annoying puss ball attention, you will unknowingly give it an ego of it’s own … you will mess with it, touch it, pop it, cover it up with more makeup, etc. The key to remember here is that the blemish is basically an infection and you definitely don’t want to spread it. If you use makeup or concealer, make SURE you have a good antibacterial brush cleaner and clean your brushes everyday by spritzing a paper towel with the brush cleaner and wiping the brush. At least once a week, you should give them a thorough cleaning with a gentle conditioning shampoo and lay flat to dry. Natural hair brushes in particular harbor a ton of bacteria, oil and makeup, which you definitely don’t want to transfer to clean skin each time you apply makeup. Also, if you use cosmetic sponges for anything (powder, foundation), then go to your local beauty supply and purchase a big bag of disposable ones that can be tossed out after each use(they are inexpensive). You can also buy disposable powder puffs, or you can just get some cotton rounds. Don’t use the applicator tips from concealer wands, as you will inevitably contaminate the product with bacteria. If you use liquid foundation, try to get one with a pump and wipe down all your lids regularly. The best way to work with the product is to apply some to the back of a clean hand and use a synthetic brush to apply it onto skin. Treat your pimples like chickenpox, impetigo or ring worm … Don’t touch them, let them run their natural course and avoid aggravating the healing process. AND FINALLY, if you need an immediate fix fora blemish, take a cotton swab and saturate the end with Visine. Hold the wet, Visine soaked swab onto the blemish for 10 – 20 seconds. Just as it does with your eyes, Visine will temporarily get the redness out of a blemish.

#3 Beach Hair Blues… We all know that we should be protecting our skin with sunscreen, but don’t forget your locks!! Especially for my fellow bottle blonde beauties and color treated brunettes reds and auburn shades out there … YOU MUST protect your hair during your day at the beach or pool!! I had been neglecting my bleached blonde tresses (which at times felt like hay) until my dear friend and savvy stylist, Greg Payne, recommended that I put a conditioner on my hair before heading to the beach or pool and covering with a scarf or hat. You can use any type of conditioner, leave in types, regular rinse, hair masques, etc. Just make sure you reapply if you get wet. This is a great survival tip for summer hair!! The warmth from the sun naturally opens the hair follicle so the conditioner can penetrate deep down for an intensive conditioning treatment. Another tip (year round) … Invest in a satin pillowcase!! Also, try to go as long between shampooing as you can and let your hair air dry whenever time allows. Just as with skin, over washing will strip your hair of natural oils, leaving it damaged and exposed to the elements. Remember, you can always sprinkle a little powder on the root areas to lengthen time between shampoo (Bumble and Bumble makes a great hair powder), it absorbs the excess oil and gives your hair extra body.

#4 Prime time drama… So you are sitting there, trying to accomplish the sexy, smoky look of fall with your arsenal of eye shadows. Why can’t you get that look that all the models and celebs have (after all, you’ve got the shadows!)? One word … primer. This is the one thing that the ‘local cosmetic girl or guy’ might be pushing, and worth tuning in to! It’s not only an add-on item to increase company sales, but (from a makeup artist’s perspective) it really does make a difference. Primer can help intensify color, increase wear, smooth out the look of pores, fine lines, etc underneath foundation (shadow, lipstick or mascara) while conditioning the skin. Just like paint, if you prefer a dramatic look, then you are going to need a primer.

#5 Tan Glam … Just like dark colored clothing makes you appear thinner, so does a tan for your naked body! Unfortunately, it’s not so great for the skin. On top of that, self tanners always smell (I don’t care what they say) and tanning beds are worse than exposure from direct sun. My favorite trick (and the reason I created Showgirl Shine) is to apply a tinted body moisturizer allover. If you want to add more color, get some Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs or a dark water based liquid foundation, spray some in the palm of your hand and mix with some Showgirl Shine. It creates the illusion of a beautiful tan and leaves a luminous finish to the skin without any of the negative side effects. Just make sure you allow the product to dry before dressing. To sculpt out some cleavage or abs, take a dark bronzer and (just as you would do with cheekbones), brush onto any area of the body where you want to create more definition. :o) Check out my website at to purchase some Showgirl Shine Curve Detailer!!


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