Angela Applying MakeupI have always been aware of the duality or bipolarity in life.  It a universal sequence in life and actually a positive thing. For, without change there is no growth and without hardship, one cannot recognize happiness and success.  Reality exists among the essences of good and evil, right and wrong, happy and sad, rich and poor …opposites, polarity, all which can only exist in pairs. We could never be able to recognize or appreciate one without the presence of the opposite.

As Mother Nature herself, the phases of the moon, tides of the ocean, the ever changing and unexplainable world, death and creation, among others are often associated with femininity and characteristics of a woman.  The female has the power of unpredictable mystique, the ability to create or destroy, to nurture or to punish, a keen sense of intuition and profound ability to empathize and communicate.  We play many roles throughout our lives and have been given the strength to survive and flourish.

As a makeup artist with a degree in psychology, I have come to realize that most of us (women especially) are much too critical of ourselves and underestimate the power within.  We need to spend more time celebrating life, respecting our bodies and minds, more time “in the moment”, with family & friends, appreciating the gift of the present while cherishing the memories of the past, finding joy in the simple things in life, taking a minute to enjoy the crisp autumn breeze or warm sunshine. Our society has become a chaotic mess of people trying to fit more and more into their days …where basic human needs are neglected and we have become robots.  I am guilty, I admit!  Although, what I have realized is that true radiant beauty comes from happiness within, through confidence, embracing imperfections and being authentic to our indiviDUALITY!   No human being is 100% pure … we are each a unique mixture of the angel and the devil … Thus is born … Angelique Deville!


Heavenly Evil, Nicely Naughty, Unnaturally Pure, The Human Goddess, A Realistic Illusion

A Virtuous Vice

The angel on one shoulder and devil on the other

The world is bipolar …Life is full of contradictions … and true beauty lies within our own unique indiviDUALITY!!

Angelique Deville is a professional, prestigious, artist inspired brand.  My mission is to create products that are multipurpose, provide ‘super’ benefits (by using the finest ingredients and eliminating excess additives), deliver superior results (without surgical procedures), are high performance yet easy to use … allowing the modern diva (and makeup artist) to have her cake and eat it too.

Makeup shouldn’t be serious … In fact, that statement is a contradiction in and of itself!!  Serious – Makeup …Impossible!! Makeup is a medium without permanence, allowing self expression without commitment.  It’s fun, it’s fickle, it’s fashion!! I encourage you to play with color, explore new styles; don’t pay attention to what other people think!!  Please yourself first and then, if you are feeling generous, spread some love.  I have made it my mission to give you glam and simplify your beauty routine. Believe me, oftentimes you can achieve better results from one product (as opposed to the 5 or more that you probably have)!  The technology is out there, unfortunately so is the greed! Obviously, it’s more profitable for companies to sell you 5 products!!  I am here to simplify your life, save you time and money by offering high performance products that deliver professional results in minimal time … Ladies and Gents, we need to get back to basics with makeup!!  Seriously!!

In my blogs, I am going to give you the basic truths, facts (and lots of my opinions as well) on everything from cleansers, toners, moisturizers, primers, trends in makeup (high def, minerals, etc), ingredients and get down to the nitty gritty of the beauty industry.  I have always been a bit of a rebel, but I am completely honest, 100% authentic and don’t make false claims.  I am not your typical squeaky clean, cheerleader type cosmetics company spokesperson / CEO.  I’m a little dark, super sarcastic and cynical with a twisted sense of humor.   I have been a showgirl in Vegas, a makeup artist in Los Angeles, and a stock broker / banker in Florida.  I’ve had many life experiences, both good and bad, which have made me what I am today.  Now, I finally get to play by my own set of rules.

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